Vision Statement

In the name of Jesus Christ we seek to worship God wholeheartedly and faithfully, to give his Word top priority in our lives, to reach out with the good news of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible, and to pray for each other as we bear one another's burdens and encourage each other toward love and good deeds. With God’s guidance, we seek to . . . 


  • Provide joyful, Christ-centered, weekly worship gatherings that are welcoming to both members and guests.
  • Offer engaging Bible study that meets the spiritual needs of people of all ages.
  • Make available training opportunities for all to increase confidence in sharing God’s Word.
  • Improve community awareness of our congregation through activities that reflect our Christian love.
  • Increase member awareness of and participation in our ministry.



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Pastor Jesse Johnston graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 2011 and began serving Mt. Calvary at that time.   He and his wife Jessica have three sons and a daughter: Micah, Luke, Esther, and Isaac.